20 PCS Cobbled Stone Effect Plastic Garden Lawn Border Edging

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Great for distinguish your garden bed from the rest of the lawn to create a natural distinctive landscape border



*Natural Decoration*:This plastic lawn edging is great for distinguish a garden bed from the rest of lawn,making your garden look neat and tidy. Its cobbled stone look allows the edging blend in well with the lawn while creating distinctive landscape borders,which also in turn eliminates the need for constant garden edge trimming and reduces weed transfer. Slim design allows the edging protect the garden bed well while without taking much space.
*Easy One-Person Installation*:This plastic lawn edging consists of 20 pieces that are pliant enough and can be easily snapped together,arranged in curves and pounded in the loosened ground,all of which can be done fast by a single person without need for digging.
*Custom Edging Length*:20 pieces make for a 5 meter/16 feet long edging that’s ideal for fencing small flowerbeds,walkway,greensward,etc. You can also easily connect another pack to make 10 meters or even longer to fit your garden requirements.
*Low Maintenance*:Once installed properly,this plastic lawn edging will stay connected and put in place in sunny or rainy days. Each piece of the edging is tightly connected and able to withstand daily wind and rain without falling apart. Install it and once for all without worries about frequent maintenance.
*Weather Resistant Material*:Made of high quality PP plastic,this lawn edging is designed to stand up to weather conditions without getting rusted,rotted,melted or chipped away season after season,which make it a better choice than the other metal,wood and stone edgings.



Quantity of edging pieces: 20
Material: PP plastic
Ground stake length: 13cm/5.11 in
Piece size: 9.84 x 9.06 x 0.51 in/25 x 23 x 1.3cm (L x W x H)
Piece weight: 68g/2.38oz
Total length(Assembled): approx. 5m/16ft
Total weight: 1360g/3.0lbs


*Package Lists*:

20 × Plastic Edging Pieces (Assembly Required)
1 × User Manual