Mini Small Desktop Heater Home Office Wall

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Brand Name: ICOCO
Use: Bedroom
Use: living room
Electric Heater Type: Fan Heater
Power: <800W
Installation: Desktop
Installation: Portable
Heating Element: PTC
Model Number: Mini Heater
Area Heated: <20㎡
Application: <10㎡
Certification: CE
Function: Adjustable Thermostat


  • Sleek Design— The Orbis Heater has a super sleek design and silhouette that makes it ideal for tabletops, it looks great and can play off as a accessory for your homes and offices. Unlike most space heaters available which focus on functionality and ignore completely the aesthetic which it should provide, the Orbis Heater is unique when it comes to its design. 
  • On and Off Button— Besides the on and off switch behind this space heater, it has a delicate button which you can easily push to turn the device on and then off when you need to. You can turn the space heater on even in the dark, that’s how easy it is to operate, however, I suggest you don’t operate it in the dark though, please, don’t burn your house down.
  • LED Light— The Timer and Temperature settings are designed with a tiny LED Light at the side to let you know where the settings are and guide you through the selection. The Light is green, and goes off completely when you power the device down. 
  • Ultra Quiet— With a sound range under 55dB, the Orbis Heater functions very quietly which makes it ideal for an office space because since it’s a place of business, you wouldn’t want to disrupt productivity by being a nuisance. It is also great for your bedroom because it won’t disrupt your sleep, I don’t know about you but I can not shut my eye if there’s any sort of noise going on in the background. 
  • Tip over safety switch— The Orbis Heater is equipped with a button at the base which causes the device to go off when it tips over for any reason whatsoever, it is ideal when you have pets in the house or even kids, you know how that crowd gets. This feature is super impressive because without it, when it tips over and keeps working, the heat from the space heater will gradually burn through your carpet and will inevitably lead to a fire.              
  • Compact— It has a very compact aesthetic which makes it ideal to be kept on your bedroom dresser or table, it barely occupies space and the wire does not get in the way. You can easily fit this space heater in your bag if you need to travel with it, compactness is a super important attribute for electronic device, as long as it does not affect functionality. And the Orbis Heater checks both boxes.