Vintage Washed Tin small Heart Flower Plant Bucket Balcony Hanging Hook Fence Pot

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Usage Condition: Wall Fence Railing
Finishing: Flowers Pots
Style: Classic
Model Number: -
Used With: Flower/Green Plant
Set Type: NO
Type: Pot Bucket Planter
Material: Iron-Tin
item: Flower Pots
item2: plant pot
Product material: iron Tin
for: Succulent, Herbs, Small potted plants
Product color: retro gray
Product process: pure handmade                                                                         

Product material: iron                                                                                                 

Product process: pure hand                                                                                   

Product style: retro                                                                                                   

Product color: retro gray                                                                                       

Applicable scenarios: home, corridor, courtyard, Balcony 


Description: Herb Wall Pots: Grow your favorite Herbs wright in your window , hang off your curtain rod!

Iron skin outer material is more rigid and durable.

Adopt hand-painted white to do the old treatment, rich retro style. Can Hand Paint to your needs or stencil on for specific design!

With dried flowers, flowers, artificial flowers, Herbs, etc., the decoration style is unique, creating a different courtyard style.

The flower bucket can be hung, laid flat, hooked over railings, used for Vertical Wall! So many uses!

Applicable to cafes, clothing stores, home furnishing, corridors, courtyards and other places.  These make great Pots for your Kitchen Herb garden!  You can hook over anything sturdy enough hold potted plant!  Mine are hooked over curtain rod in Kitchen!  

note: Do not Over fill your pots and Drainage Holes Can easily be added at Home!

1. The material of the metal sheet is hand-touched white, retro and old style. It's not a paint drop, and every degree of whitewashing varies. 

2. There is no hole at the bottom, but there will be some water leakage at the connection, and it is not allowed to water flowers or sprinkle water.

3. It is recommended to use it with dried flowers or to store and store small bits and pieces of furniture at home.

4. A small depression or flattening is a normal phenomenon of Hand Items! Each Pot May vary slightly!

Package Included:

1*Flower bucket


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