Comfort Zone CZFP1-EC Mini Ceramic Portable Tabletop Electric Fireplace Heater

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Manufacturer Part Number:CZFP1-EC


• Protects TVs in any weather;

• Made of the finest marine grade elements;

• Fits 60 in. to 65 in. TVs;

• Measures 58 in. W x 36 in. H x 4.5 in. D;

Comfort Zone CZFP1-EC Mini Ceramic Tabletop Electric Fireplace Heater: Heat up your space in style with the Comfort Zone Mini Ceramic Tabletop Electric Fireplace Heater. It features a 3D flame effect with a bright ember bed, filling your room with the peaceful glow of a real fire, and includes 2 settings, allowing you to control the air output to achieve optimal temperature in your space. For safety and peace of mind, the tip-over switch cuts the unit's power if it's accidentally knocked over, and the overheat protection sensor automatically shuts off the heater in the event of a possible fire. The sleek body stays cool to the touch while in operation, allowing you to pick it up by the molded handle and move it to another room with ease. From your home office to your bedroom, you can bring this portable fireplace heater with you anywhere heat is needed

I personally have one of these units in a back guest bedroom and it is so realistic looking, with a vivid flame effect that gives off enough heat to warm an entire room!