Electric Fireplace Heater LED Flame Effect Stove

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Brand:Maroon Asteria


1. A small heater with a realistic flame heating effect; the shape is.
Exactly the same as the real burning flame; with independent control of
The flame heating function to achieve the effect of gratitude and
2. There are a series of horizontal hot air blocking points at the top.
So that the wind direction is more stable and uniform. No heat; the front is
Just one image to enjoy.
3. Designed with classic tablecloth; black frame and glass front;
Design with vibrant details with flames and wood.

Protection against overheating and shutdown. When the heat is abnormal
Machine exceeds normal operating temperature;
It automatically cuts off the power and has a remote control function.

Material: ABS + PA
Color: black
Size: 22.3 x 12.5 x 14.5cm / 8.78 x 4.92 x 5.71inch
Weight: 1kg
Power: 1000W
Speed: 3 gears
Heating range: 10 ㎡
Heating method: aluminum radiator

Package includes:
1 x heater
1 x Remote Control