Electric Heater Fan for Greenhouse; Grow Tent; Overheat Protection; Fast Heating, Spray water proof; Black

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[Overheat Protection] This heater is equipped with internal heat limiting control and overheats protection circuit. Once the desired room temperature is reached; the heater will automatically be shut off. [Widely Application] This powerful and portable space heater is lightweight and easy to carry; does not take up extra space. It is convenient for you to move the portable fan heater for room to any place as you want with a built-in carrying handle. With this portable feature; you can use this space heaters for garage; kitchen; living room; workshops; basements; sheds and so on. Pick the heaters for you and your family; you will be surprised with its wonderful performance. [Spray Waterproof] IPX4 Waterproof ideal for use in the areas such as greenhouses; barn; grow tents. [Fast Heat Up] This powerful and portable space heater can quickly heat up small spaces. No more suffering in the cold winter. High efficient and energy-saving. Adjustable Heating range from -58°F to plus210.2°F (-50° C to plus 99 ° C) [Electric Supply] Air output 4500 Cubic Foot/ Hour Electric Supply 120V 60Hz from 25W to 1500W.

Product Information

Item Code W113458244
Product Type General Item
Product Name Electric Heater Fan for Greenhouse; Grow Tent; Workplace; Overheat Protection; Fast Heating; Spraywater proof IPX4; Black
Place of Origin China
Main Color Black
Main Material Steel

Product Dimensions

Assembled Length (in.) 12.40
Assembled Width (in.) 8.30
Assembled Height (in.) 13.80
Weight (lbs) 8.70

Package Size

Length (in.) 12.40
Width (in.) 8.27
Height (in.) 13.78
Weight (lbs) 8.80