Fireplace Double Log Rack with 4 Pieces Fireplace Tools

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Large Storage Space: This fireplace log rack features 2-shelf storage space and comes with strong loading capacity for each shelf so that you are able to a lot of logs instead of taking the firewood back and forth many times. Besides, the 3" raised base above the ground keeps the firewood dry.

4-piece Fireplace Tools: This fireplace firewood log rack is equipped with 4 pcs fireplace tools, which include a poker, tong, brush and shovel for great convenience. The tong helps you to add firewood. When the fire gradually goes out, the poker can stir it up.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: Constructed of heavy duty wrought iron with heat-resistant and rustproof surface, this storage log holder not only ensures its durability and stability for long time use, but also allows you to use it indoor or outdoor according to your preference and needs.

Designed for Utility: There are 4 considerate hooks on the sides of this firewood rack and each tool has a handing handle. Therefore, you can hang the tools conveniently to save your home space. Furthermore, the 4 non-slip foot pads protect the floor from scratching if you use it indoors.

Easy Installation: With detailed and easy-to-understand instruction, this fireplace firewood log rack is easy to assemble, greatly saving your precious time. The bottom is not a hollow design to prevent wood chips from falling, keeping your home tidy and clean.


Color: Bronze/Black

Material: Wrought iron

Overall dimension: 17" x 12" x 29" (L x W x H)

Height of poker: 25"

Height of tong: 25"

Height of brush: 25"

Height of shovel: 25"

Total net weight: 19 lbs

Weight capacity of each shelf: 66 lbs

Package includes:1 x Firewood log rack

1 x Poker1 x Tong1 x Brush

1 x Shovel

1 x Instruction

This fireplace log rack with tools will be the perfect place to put the firewood!


With 2-shelf storage space and 3" raised base above the ground, this log holder provides ample space to place many firewood at once while keeping them dry and preventing wood chips from falling. What's more, the 4 piece fireplace tools (poker, tong, brush and shovel) bring great convenience to adding firewood, stirring up the fire and cleaning ashes. After using them, you are able to hang them on the hook on the sides of the firewood log rack. Additionally, the heavy duty wrought iron is anti-rust and heat-resistant so that it not only fits indoor use, but also can be used outdoors.


If you are looking for a fireplace log rack like this, do not hesitate to place an order!


Places a lot of firewood at once thanks to its 2-shelf storage spaceKeeps the firewood dry with 3" raised base above the groundUses tong to add firewood convenientlyPoker for stirring up the fire to prevent it from extinguishing graduallySweeps ashes and debris quickly by using the brush and shovelHangs all the tools on the sides of the firewood holder via 4 hooksHeavy duty wrought iron frame for heat resistance and rust protectionBrings strong bearing capacity for each shelfAvoids scratching the floor because of its non-slip foot padsSuitable for indoor and outdoor use for great convenienceClear instruction for easy assembly