Garden Scissors Grafting Tool Fruit Tree Pruning Shears Bonsai Pruners

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Safety lock protects and keeps the blade closed during storage and transport

Used by florists allows you to prune vines, flower stems, bushes and green wood

Solid handles have easy-to-grip shock absorbing handles for full comfort during use.

Hardened material, blade and low-friction can make pruner easier and relaxed.

Easy Open/Close with Ergonomically designed Handle for Good Grip



Head Material:Steel

Head Length:6

Handle Length:12

Handle Material:Steel



Perfect tool for gardener and family.
Note: Be careful of the blade, and keep it away from children.

Great to use for floral applications.

Ultra-sharp twin non-stick coated blades.

Twin blade action provides a clean cut.

Tough pvc handles.

This is a simple, practical gardening tool for daily use.

Perfect tool for filing dairy goat hooves and alpaca nails.



Opening size: 100 (mm)
Overall length:  174 (mm)
Shape:  Straight