Pot faucet wall-mounted faucet (gold)

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1. 100% brass has extremely high reliability, durability and easy cleaning, which is very suitable for any family or restaurant. Without adding any materials, create a natural and hygienic faucet to ensure that your water is always clean.

2. The dual handles provide smooth rotation for Easy On/Easy Off and prevent dripping, and can be retracted when not in use, thereby creating a tidy environment.

3. Anti-fingerprint-electroplating paint will not wear or leave stains, no matter what the situation, it will let you maintain a clean appearance. The standard 1/2 inch thread provides the stability your faucet needs and makes installation a breeze!

4. The wall-mounted pot cover kitchen faucet provides the most beautiful and hygienic faucet. The pun on the Pot Filler faucet allows you to shut off the water at the wall or outlet, thereby controlling the flow of water at the point of use. The double swing joint allows the pot filler to be easily folded when not in use, and can be easily opened and closed by turning it a quarter turn.