Wooden Multi-Bird Cage Nest Box Hanging Hummingbird Three Trip Birdhouse Resting Perch

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Material: Wood

Size: 20.5X15.5X15.5cm

Color: Natural Unfinished

100% Brand new quality.

Wooden Birdhouse  Provides Bird Entertainment in Your Own Backyard | Three Trip Hole Design Comfort Area to Rest & Nest Holes Good Ventilation!

  • Three bird houses: Multiple rooms structures and fence design to attract birds, beautiful and practical.
  • Uniquely design bird house: for bird nests, outdoor gardening, family, indoor and outdoor decoration, etc. Can provide a home for all kinds of birds, find a safe shelter to breed.
  • Unfinished project: The unfinished wooden bird house is a creative blank canvas that can be designed and painted freely with paint.
  • Natural materials: This bird cage nest is made of wooden, and each piece is unique. No chemical additives, natural and environmentally friendly.
  • Can be hung or as a decoration: It can be hung on a sturdy branch, in the garden, it can also be placed on windowsills and balconies, etc.

This wooden bird house offers your feathered friends a cozy home

A trip hole lets you see the birds inside

Look forward to a metal eyelet for hanging, it also encourages easy add rope for ads This Bird House Can Be Finished By You any way wanted!  Paint, Stain, Customize!

Got a Hot Glue Gun, Use Birdhouse as DIY Crafting Project For The Kids Too! Sticks, Pebbles, Penny Shingles!   Get as Creative as you like and Make Memories Together!

Ad Your own Hanging Hook, Ribbon or Mount to top of Fence Post!   (Please see pics) for Inspiration (for DIY ideas only) You will Receive unfinished Birdhouse!

This unique design birdhouse is the perfect addition to any home or garden of your choice.  Gorgeous garden accessory for adding color and interest to your terrace    

( LAST SIX PICTURES are for DIY crafting Ideas only)  I wanted to Provide different Natural elements found in & around The Home/Yard that can be used with a glue Source for your Imagination to be Free!

Package Included:

1 x wooden bird house   (USPS 4-13) Shipping Included!