Body Torso Art Deco Statue Bust Nude Female Figure Flower Boho Bud Vase

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Torso "ArtDeco" VASE

Material: RESIN 
Size: S
Function: Tabletop Vase
Model Number: A1842
Trade Name: Body Art
Product Name: Statue
Designation: Bud Vase
Type Trait: Craftwork
Feature: Not Hydroponic
Style: European Style
Works: Nude Female
Role: Decoration

Beautiful small decorative bud vases for display and decor!          Please see pictures!

- Adding a dash of refreshingly modern design to your home.
- Attractive figure female Torso vase is perfect to decorate your Bedroom,Desk, Shelves and any room you want to add a touch of Deco Style!.
- Can also be used as pen holder.
- Suitable for home furnishings, Design projects, Hotels, flowers, nurseries, offices, family gardening, balcony gardens.

Small Unique vase for Eclectic Decor & Boho Too!

This will be packaged well and shipped from USA!

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